"Find Out Which Appliances Will Give You The Best Efficiency For the Least Cash"

Find a more efficient

Or if you know your existing appliance make & model click here to compare its efficiency with a brand new, efficient model

How it works

Sokitt allows you compare the total cost (to your planet and your wallet) of appliances on the Aussie market.

Just choose your appliance type and press Go.

You'll see a list of appliances sorted by Energy Rating and then by price. So, as an example, the cheapest 5 star fridge is the uppermost in the group of fridges that have 5 stars.

You can refine your search with the options up top. For example - you may only want a side-by-side fridge bigger than 300 litres costing no more than 2 grand.

If you want to find the cheapest appliance to own, it will depend on how much energy and water it uses as well as its up front cost. Choose "sort by total cost" and you will get a list of appliances sorted by their total cost of ownership over 10 years.

Now when you buy your next appliance you can be sure that you bought the greenest one you could afford.

It's early days for us here at sokitt, so if you have any praise, gripes or feature requests - let us know!