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Find the most efficient clothes washers

1. From the sokitt homepage select 'clothes washer' from the dropdown. Press GO.

find a more efficient clothes washer

2. In a few secs you'll see a big grid:

appliance comparison grid

This grid shows you the most energy and water efficient clothes washers available in Australia. The clothes washers are initially sorted by Energy Rating first and lowest price second. This means that if you have a bunch of clothes washers with the same energy rating, the cheapest ones will be higher up.

This makes it easy to spot the cheapest clothes washer of a certain energy rating.

3. Refining Your Search

By default, the grid shows top and front loading clothes washers. It does not show washer-dryer combos because dryers are evil :-) that is what the sun is for!

But hey, if you really want a washer-dryer, we ain't gonna stop you. Just check the washer-dryer icon and press the GO button. Just be aware that the energy rating is only for the washing cycle...

You can also remove front or top loader from the search if you have really strong feelings one way or the other. I personally don't see the point in top loaders - but then I'm just a whingeing Pom!

clothes washer style

The next two options to reine your search by are Load (kg) and Price, so you can make sure you are only looking at clothes washers in your price and size range.

refine search by price and size

The next two options are to only show clothes washers over a certain energy or water star rating - if the grid is empty try relaxing these options to a lower star rating.

energy rating better than

The final option is for real energy saving freaks. It filters the list to only show clothes washers with dual water connections. That means clothes washers with a hot water connection as well as the usual cold water connection.

hot water connections are best

It is usually better to have a hot water connection because the water-heaters in all clothes washers are not very efficient, and it is highly likely that your house hot water system will use a lot less energy. If that is the case then it makes sense to heat the water outside of the clothes washer.

If your hot water system is electric heat pump, gas, or solar, then this option will save you a lot of energy compared to the kWh/year figure quoted.

One thing to watch out for here is if you have instant gas hot water. Because it takes a while for the water to heat up it is highly likely that only cold water gets into the clothes washer for each fill. This kind of defeats the point of a hot water connection. A neat way round this is to install a device that recirculates your water in the pipes until it is hot. Like the one here

To refresh the grid once you have selected the options above click the red GO button

4. Sorting The Results

The default order for the clothes washers in the grid is by Energy Rating and then price.

You can change this order with the drop down box in the top right corner:

sort by energy rating

Most of the options on this list are self explanatory. These ones may require some explanation...

Sort By kWh/yr

This sorts the clothes washers by the amount of electricity they use over a year. Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). The clothes washers with the lowest consumption will be first.

Sort By Total Cost

Sorts the clothes washers by the total cost of buying and using the clothes washer over the time period in the 'years' dropdown box.

This is the cost of the appliance plus the cost of the energy that will be needed to power the clothes washer, plus the cost of the water to run the clothes washer. You can change electricity and water costs in the Advanced Options.

You may well find that the cheapest clothes washers to buy are not the cheapest to own over 10 years or so.

This sorting method is really useful for quickly identifying the clothes washers with the best balance of price and efficiency.

If a clothes washer is very energy and water efficient for the price then it will be towards the top of this list when you sort by total cost.

how many years of operation?

Sort By Energy Cost

Sorts the clothes washers by the cost of energy needed to use the clothes washer over the time period in the 'years' dropdown box.

Sort By Water Cost

Sorts the clothes washers by the cost of water needed to use the clothes washer over the time period in the 'years' dropdown box. It is interesting to see that the cost of water can be close to the energy cost!


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