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7 Days to an Energy Efficient Home: Day 1

Ignore almost all the Advice you get!

This 7 part crash course in making your home more energy efficient is going to be a little different to the usual advice that is doled out by governments and other well meaning groups.

You know the advice you get from the Government, your Energy Company, and all manner of ‘energy activists’. It all seems to be the same:

  • buy energy efficient globes
  • wear warm clothes in winter
  • switch off all your chargers at the wall


The problem with this ill-thought-out, often patently obvious and, I think, downright patronising advice is that there is absolutely no numbers-based methodology behind it.

Case in point:

This chap has devoted his life to stopping climate change by telling everyone that will listen that all they need to do is unplug their phone chargers:

The truth however is that phone chargers use almost zero energy in standby. If you are interested in the real story there’s a great article here:

The truth is, that if everyone in the Australia pulled out their phone chargers as soon as their phone was charged, the national power consumption would reduce by 0.01%. What about the other 99.99% ?

Well, over the next 7 days we are going to concentrate on the vital few energy users in your house that are responsible for 80% of your energy use and ignore the rest. This will give you the biggest energy reduction for your effort and money.

You may well find that after you have implemented all the advice that your home can be 100% powered by a 1 to 1.5kW solar system

So we are nearly at the end of Day 1 and we haven’t saved any energy yet, just whined about how ineffective most other ‘save energy’ advice is!

Well that will all change tomorrow, here’s what we’ll be covering:

Day 2: We’ll find out where the biggest savings can be made for a typical Aussie house like yours.

Day 3: We’ll discover how to massively tame your biggest energy guzzler: Space heating and cooling.

Day 4: We’ll decide if you should upgrade your water heater.

Day 5: We’ll look at all the appliances in your home that run 24/7, and find out how to cheaply and easily measure which ones suck the most electricity.

Day 6: We’ll look at all your ‘single use’ appliances and figure out which ones need your urgent attention.

Day 7: We’ll set an energy use target for your home, and find out how to cheaply monitor your whole home’s electricity use to try and stay under that target.

Don’t worry, I know how busy you are. I’ll keep it as quick, simple, cheap and effective as possible. And your results will be a 30% reduction in your bills, minimum!

All My Best,

Finn Peacock

Founder of and

SmartNow - The Current Cost ENVI


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